The first issue of the Journal was published in 1968 and it has been published at variable intervals ever since.  The Journal is now an integral part of the society and has established a reputation as a source of high quality material on the history of families called Butler.  A number of major reference libraries subscribe to the Journal.  Paid up members receive each new issue without additional charge. As of January 2008, the National Library of Ireland has designated the Journal of the Butler Society as periodical ISSN 0572-5828.

The intention is that the Journal should be a journal of record, publishing research of interest to members of the society.  More ephemeral matters are dealt with in a newsletter which is normally sent out every six months or so.


The Editor can only select articles for publication from what has been submitted by aspiring authors.  The Editor is pleased to receive suitable articles for publication from members and non-members, including academics and other historians, geographers or archaeologists.  The editor's main criterion is that contributions should add to the existing literature of Butler Family interest. Articles should be sent to:

      David J. Butler PhD
      Department of Geography
      University College

Email: journal @ butler-soc . org


Contents of The Journal

In order to view the contents of journals published to 2000, please click on Journal Content  This is quite a large file about eighteen pages long.  Some [keywords] have been added to assist computer searches.


Backnumbers and Other Publications


Certain backnumbers of the Journal and other publications are available by mail from the Hon. Sec. (cash with order), please click on backnumbers to check availability.



Vol 1 No.1 (1968)
Vol.1 No.2 (1969)
Vol.1 No.3 (1971)
Vol.1 No.4 (1972)
Vol.1 No.5 (1974)
Vol.1 No.6 (1976)
Vol.1 No.7 (1977)
Vol.1 No.8 (1979)

Vol.2 No.1 (1981)
Vol.2 No.2 (1982)
Vol.2 No.3 (1984)
Vol.2 No.4 (1985)
Vol.3 No.1 (1987)
Vol.3 No.2 (1989)
Vol.3 No.3 (1991)
Vol.3 No.4 (1994)
Vol.4 No.1 (1997)
Vol.4 No.2 (2000)
Vol.4 No.3 (2003)
Vol.4 No.4 (2008)

Vol.5 No.1 (2011)


A serial column called "Happy Families" is a regular feature of The Journal.  Members submit questions on problems they have met with in researching their family history.  If possible, the Society's Genealogical Assistant will offer an answer.  This mechanism also acts as an informal central clearing system for genealogical data.  Other members have the opportunity of contributing useful input, and cross-referenced addenda are subsequently published.  There have been 456 questions (up to 1997)  and most have later addenda.  People starting to research a Butler family would be well advised to check out this serial, and all the other articles in the Journal, as they may find that their specific question has already been answered.