Volume 1 Number 1 (1968)

Foreword by Hubert Butler (page 9)

Address by the Marquess of Ormonde at the handing over of Kilkenny Castle (p.14)

The Butler Rally in Kilkenny, August 1967 (p.16)

An Anti-English Butler (p.23) [Sir Edmund Butler of Cloghgrennan]

The German Rally - 16-21 August 1968 (p.24)

The Butlers of Germany - A note on their origins by Lord Dunboyne (p.28)

James Butler, First Duke of Ormonde by Theobald Fitzwalter Butler (p.31)

A Request - a poem by William Francis Butler, died 1910 (p.36)

Red Piers of Ormond by George Butler (p.37)

Lament for Kilcash, poem translated by Frank O'Connor (p.45)

Earlier Poems to the Butlers (p.47)

Summary of the Butler Poems and Manuscripts in Maynooth Library by Richard Prendergast (p.49) [The O'Curry Miscellany and The Murphy Manuscripts]

Kiltinan Castle, Co. Tipperary - A Butler Stronghold 1452-1650, by Lord Dunboyne (p.52)

Kilkenny Castle by Hubert Butler (p.56)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.61)

Correspondence (p.66)

Behind the Iron Curtain by Hubert Butler (p.68) [Butlers, Buttlars and Butleroffs]

The Erle of Ormond Schandalised (p.69) [An incident on 13 December 1380]

Book Review - "Remember Butler" by Edward McCourt published Routledge 1967 (p.71)



Volume 1 Number 2 (1969),

Foreword (p.79)

Plus ca change - from "Antiquities and Scenery of County Kilkenny" by William Robertson, Architect of Rose Hill, 1808 (p.84)

London Dinner (p.85)

Dublin Dinner (p.85)

The Butler Galloglas by G.A.Hayes-McCoy (p.86) [ MacSweeneys]

John Butler, Baron of Dunboyne and Bishop of Cork 1763-1787 by Eoin O'Mahony (p.88)

Dunboyne (p.92) [review of the play by Con Costello]

Anthony Butler - Soldier - Bishop, by Sir Henry Butler Blackall, Q.C., LL.D. (p.93)

A Poem for Theobald by Richard Prendergast (p.100) [Lord Cahir]

James Butler, Duke of Ormonde (p.105)

Note on an unpublished Butler poem (p.106)

A Kinsman to the Rescue (p.107)

The French de Butlers' Irish Origin (p.108)

Red Piers of Ormonde - Part II (p.113)

Instructions given by Queen Elizabeth I to the Earl of Sussex (p.119)

The Duke of Ormonde's influence on Irish History (p.120)

The Butlers of Aherlow and Owles (p.123)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.129)

Irish Families (p.136)

A Recent Bibliography of Butler Family History (p.137)

Butler Business Connections (p.138)

The House that Tom Built (p.139)

Correspondence (p.142)


Volume 1 Number 3 (1970 &1971)

Foreword (p.151)

Obituary (p.153)

Butler Rally 1970 (p.154)

Gifts to the Society (p.156)

Holy Cross (p.157)

The Butlers of Clare (p.158)

Dean Swift and the Butlers (p.159)

Heraldry and the Butlers (p.165)

The second Duke of Ormonde (p.170)

The Butler Lordship (p.174)

Spanish Butlers by Derek Bedson (p.188)

Walter Butler by Hubert Butler (p.191)

Peter Butler of Grallagh Castle by Toby Butler (p.196)

Eoin O'Mahoney (p.204)

Nenagh Castle (p.208)

The Earl and the Apothecary (p.209)

Book Review - Irish Battles (p.212)

Book Review - The Norman Invasion of Ireland (p.212)

Book Review - The Ladies of Llangollen (p.214)

Book Review - Sween Clan of the Battleaxe (p.215)

Book Review - Intermarriage in Ireland (p.215)

Book Review - The Wall Family in Ireland (p.217)

Happy Familes ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.218)

Butler Business Connections (p.223)

Correspondence (p.224)

Subscriptions (p.226)

Financial Statement (p.227)


Volume 1 Number 4 (1972),

Foreword by Hubert Butler (p.229)

The Dublin Branch (p.233)

Williamsburg - A Review , by Sydney Butler (p.234)

The Tomb of Miss Butler's Leg (p.236)

Cahir Castle by Katherine M. Lanigan (p.237)

The Siege of Fethard (p.244)

Ormond Earldom; Its Origin and Nature by Lord Dunboyne (p.246)

Some Early 17th Century Butlers by Donald Jackson (p.252)

Butleriana (p.257)

The Attack on Kilkenny Castle by the Earl of Ossory (p.259)

Simon Butler - United Irishman - by George Butler (p.275)

Three Notes on Laud Misc.610 (p.286)

Note on Cathedral Church of St Canice Kilkenny (p.288)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.289)

Butler Business Connections by Lord Dunboyne (p.300)

Book Review -The Art of the Possible (p.302)

Book Review - Ten Thousand Saints (p.303)

Families of Co. Kerry claiming descent from the first Earl of Ormonde (p.305)

Correspondence (p.306)

Life Membership Fund (p.306)

List of Subscribers to the Appeal Fund (p.307)

Financial Statement (p.308)

Obituary (p.308)


Volume 1 Number 5 (1973 & 1974)

Foreword by Hubert Butler (p.309)

Letter from the Marquess of Ormonde (p.314)

Obituaries (p.315)

Third International Butler Rally (p.316)

A Visit to America (p.318)

The Battle of Affane by George Butler (p.320)

The Family of Butler in the New-founde-lande by A. M. Butler (p.328)

Kilkenny in the days of the Dukes by Hubert Butler (p.339)

From Philadelphia to New York and back in 1759 by Martin J. Butler (p.347)

Three Golden Cups by David John Butler (p.348)

Butler Members of the Inner Temple 1505-1850 by Lord Dunboyne (p.352)

Butler's Island in Georgia by Hubert Butler (p.354)

The Duke [of Ormonde] and the Poets by Sheila Leahy (p.359)

Sir Toby Butler by Toby Butler (p.361)

The Butlers of Priestown by Hubert Butler (p.377)

Fragment of a play by Austin Clarke (p.389)

The Second Duke [of Ormonde] in France (p.393)

Some Wild Geese (p.394)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.398)

Butler Business Connections by Lord Dunboyne (p.410)

Correspondence (p.411)

Income and Expenditure Account (p.412)

Butler Trust (p.413)


Volume 1 Number 6 (1975 & 1976)

Foreword by Hubert Butler (p.415)

Dates to Note (p.420)

Archives of Kilkenny Castle (p.422)

Carve's "Butler Families" of 1641 by Lord Dunboyne (p.424)

Jack O' the Castle (p.434)

Lady Butler - Portraits and Memories by Rhona Butler (p.439)

The Butler Family of Kent Island, Maryland and Virginia by Agnes Butler Dawsey (p.442)

A Butler at the Siege of Londonderry by Timothy Rose Price (p.447)

Sir Toby Butler by Toby Butler (p.455)

Senator Pierce Butler by Francis Coghlan (p.465)

Panegyric on Thomas Butler, tenth Earl of Ormonde (p.473)

The taking of the Earl of Ormonde by Donald Jackson (p.480)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.488)

Butler Business Connections by Lord Dunboyne (p.496)

Signpost to Eyrecourt (p.498)

Nebraska Pioneer (p.499)

Butler Marriages Registered in England and Wales 1 July to 30 September 1837 (p.500)

The Carrick Bend (p.501)

Income and Expenditure Account (p.502)

Contributions to the Appeal Fund (p.503)


Volume 1 Number 7 (1977)

Foreword by Hubert Butler (p.505)

Rally 1976 [Butler Rally, Kilkenny] (p.511)

Other Butler Gatherings (p.513)

Cambridge Rally 1979 (p.514)

The Galmoys by Philip Blake (p.515)

Ormond Deeds in National Library of Ireland by C.A. Empey (p.519)

Further Notes on Ormond Material in National Library by Kenneth Nicholls (p.522)

Elizabeth Butler, Countess of Chesterfield by Margaret Phelan (p.527)

Plas Newydd and the Ladies of Llangollen by Sara Pugh Jones (p.530)

Lady Eleanor's Diary (p.534)

The First Duke [of Ormonde] by Liam Irwin (p.538)

The Charles II Charter by Hubert Butler (p.541)

Occupants of Ormond Houses, Kilkenny, 1641 and 20 years later by Geoffrey Marescaux (p.545)

Colonel Walter Butler, Last Will and Testament, 1634 by Horst von Buttlar (p.551)

Colonel Walter Butler, Letters 1634 and 1922 by Hubert Butler (p.551)

When Butler meets Butler by Lord Dunboyne (p.558)

Ormond O'Kennedy Treaty by Colonel Robert Harrison (p.559)

Lady Morgan in Kilkenny (p.564)

Some Butler Links with France by Lord Dunboyne (p.568)

Little Baddow in the 17th Century by Jesse Berridge (p.570)

Kilkenny Castle in 1803 by Edward Ledwich (p.572)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.576)

Book Reviews (p.588)

Obituary - Theobald Richard Fitzwalter Butler 1894-1976 by Lord Dunboyne (p.589)

Obituary - Christian Ernest Pitman,C.B.E. (p.590)

Business Connections (p.591)

Correspondence - A genealogical enigma by Sir Henry Butler Blackall (p.591)

Donations to the Butler Publications Fund (p.594)


Volume 1 Number 8 (1978 & 1979)

Foreword by Hubert Butler (p.593)

Programme of Butler Rally at Cambridge (p.598)

Agenda for 1979 General Meeting (p.601)

Castles - Kiltinan and Killoskehan (p.601)

Roscrea by George Butler (p.604)

List of Books from Kilkenny Estate Office, 12 September 1977 by R. Haughton (p.607)

Some Archival Problems in the Butler Papers by R.D. Edwards (p.608)

New Hall and its Ormond Connections by Eleanor Burgess (p.614)

Links with the Past by Sir Henry Butler Blackall (p.621)

Butler Archbishops of Cashel by George Butler (p.626)

Anglo-Irish Twilight, The Last Ormonde War by Hubert Butler (p.631)

Occupants of Ormonde Houses in Clonmel (p.6420

Ben Butler on the impeachment of a President by Dick Nolan (p.646)

Letters of Harriet Butler (p.648)

Note on the Bishop of Cork's Candelabrum (p.656)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.657)

Reviews (p.665)

French Sources of Butler Genealogy by Louis Pauchet (p.673)

Epilogue to Volume 1 (p.683)

Butler Business Connections by Lord Dunboyne (p.688)

Income and Expenditure Account (p.689)


Volume 2 Number 1 (1980 & 1981)

Foreword by Hubert Butler (p.5)

Obituary - Jose Maria Butler Orbeta - by David J. Butler (p.9)

Obituary - The Marchioness of Ormonde - by Hubert Butler (p.10)

Obituary - Sean Butler - by Hubert Butler (p.10)

Obituary - Horst Frhr. Treusch von Buttlar-Brandenfels - by James Delaney (p.11)

Cambridge Rally 1979 - Report by Lord Dunboyne (p.12)

Cambridge to Kilkenny 1979 by Jeremy Butler (p.32)

Irish Outings 1980 by Hubert Butler (p.34)

1981 Conference at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (p.36)

Butler Essay Prize (p.36)

German Butlers 32nd Family Reunion (p.37)

The Kilkenny Theatre 1801-1819 by Hubert Butler (p.37)

Henry and Frances by Hubert Butler (p.45)

The Butlers of South Carolina, USA and of Carlow, Ireland by Sir Thomas Butler, Bart.(p.51)

Henrietta Waldegrave and Piers Galmoye by Countess of Waldegrave (p.58)

Benjamin Franklin Butler of New England by Pauline Ames Plimpton (p.64)

Saint Josephine 1828-1906 by Eleanor Burgess (p.69)

Reflections on John (1731-1800), 22nd Lord Dunboyne, by Lord Dunboyne (p.72)

The Butlers of North Tipperary by Nancy Murphy (p.74)

Michael Kearney of Ballylosky, Irish Scribe and Butler Servant, by Donald Jackson (p.84)

Heraldry of the Butlers in Ireland by Toby Butler (p.86)

Trying to Anglicize the Irish in the fourteenth century by Eleanor Burgess (p.102)

Aldridge, Adair and Butler: Dublin Wine Merchants (p.103)

A Butler Endowment at Paris University by Theobald Blake Butler (p.104)

Thomas Butler R.M. 1837-1920 - W.T. Stead's Character Sketch (p.109)

Thomas Butler R.M. 1837-1920 - Protestant Representation under Home Rule (p.110)

An Irish Holiday Resort by Lt. General Sir William Butler (p.112)

Butler Testamentary Records: in gratitude by Lord Dunboyne (p.114)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.115)

Butler Business Connections by Lord Dunboyne (p.124)

Butler Shop (p.124)

Butler Groups of Families- Their Roots and References by Lord Dunboyne (p.125)

A plea for help in tracing an ancestor (p.137)

Minutes of Triennial General Meeting 1979 (p.138)

Afterword by Eleanor Burgess (p.141)

Rules of the Butler Society (p.143)


Volume 2 Number 2 (1982)

Foreword by Hubert Butler (p.149)

1984 German Rally (p.151)

Butler Rally 1986, Oxford, England (p.152)

Obituary - Lord Butler of Saffron Walden - by Dorothy Middleton (p.153)

Obituary - Sir Henry Butler Blackall - by Hubert Butler (p.155)

Obituary - Margaret Florence Butler (p.155)

The Sixth International Butler Rally (p.156)

Official Opening of the Rally and Tour of Kilkenny Castle (p.161)

Butler Tombs and Furnishings in St Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny by Margaret M. Phelan (p.164)

Mildred Anne Butler, R.W.S. (p.167)

Shankill Castle and the Butlers by Julian C. Walton (p.168)

The Symposium on Family Societies by Hubert Butler (p.172)

Gowran, its Connection with the Butler Family by Margaret M. Phelan (p.174)

Portrait of Anne, wife of 8th/18th Lord Dunboyne (p.177)

Butler Society Conference 1981 held at Wilkes Barre USA by Penny Butler (p.178)

The Butler Family goes West by Lord Dunboyne (p.181)

The Butler Tomb at Kilmurry by Wendy James (p.184)

Photograph of Biragra's Treatise (p.186)

Foreword to Bernard Biragra's Treatise (p.187)

Who was Bernard Biragra by Hubert Butler (p.187)

Sir Thomas Wentworth's visit to Kilkenny by Margaret Phelan (p.190)

Relic of the True Cross by S. P. Little (p.193)

Ballinakill, Co. Tipperary by Nancy Murphy (p.194)

The Dramatic Life of Anne Butler by Louis V. Pauchet (p.199)

The Old Stone Shields at Penbre Church by Margaret Butler (p.200)

A legend of Ormond Castle (p.201)

Arklow Castle by John J. Butler (p.202)

The Manor of Carrick-on-Suir in the Middle Ages by C.A. Empey (p.206)

The Butlers of Bunnahow: an addendum by Lord Dunboyne (p.215)

"Hearts that don't forget" by Margaret M. Phelan (p.216)

A Bequest made by John Butler of Kicash by Frank McEvoy (p.217)

Agreements between Ormonde and Talon (p.218)

Butler Park (p.221)

The Mountgarret Peerage Case: Testimony of John Taaffe (p.222)

Meet of the Kilkenny Hounds at the Castle (2 photographs) (p.240)

The Advowson of the Chapel of St John of Kilbride, Co. Meath by Theobald Blake Butler (p.241)

Butler Index to Volume 1 of Carrigan's Ossory by Lord Dunboyne (p.250)

Butler Business Connections by Lord Dunboyne (p.251)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.252)

Notes on the Carrick Branch of the Butlers by Lady Jane Hobson (p.260)

Biragra again (p.260)

Ormond Earldom (p.261)

Help needed for St. Canice's Cathedral by Brian Harvey (p.261)

Afterword by Eleanor Burgess (p.262)

Minutes of the Triennial Meeting,1982 (p.264)


Volume 2 Number 3 (1984)

Foreword by Hubert Butler (p.268)

Introduction by Adrian Empey (p.269)

St. Canice's Graveyard by Margaret Phelan (p.270)

Richard Ledrede, English Franciscan and Bishop of Ossory, 1317-1360, by Ann Neary, Archivist, State Paper Office, Dublin Castle (p.273)

John Bale, Bishop of Ossory, 1552-3, by Dr. Steven Ellis, Department of History, University College, Galway (p.283)

Nicolas Walsh and his friends: a forgotten chapter in the Irish Reformation by Rev.Canon Cosslett Quinn (p.294)

From Rags to Riches: Piers Butler, Eighth Earl of Ormond, 1515-39, by Rev. Canon Adrian Empey (p.299)

David Rothe, Bishop of Ossory, 1618-1650, by Rev. Professor Patrick J. Corish, Department of History, St.Patrick's College, Maynooth (p.315)

Griffith Williams, Bishop of Ossory, 1641-72, by Very Rev. F. R. Bolton, Dean of Leighlin (p.324)

Richard Pococke, Bishop of Ossory, 1756-65, by Rev. Canon James Hartin, Principal, Church of Ireland Theological College, Dublin (p.339)

The Member for Kilkenny, John Butler, 2nd Marquess of Ormonde, 1809-1854, by Hubert Butler (p.347) 



Volume 2 Number 4 (1985)

 Lord Ormonde's Portrait (p.360)

Foreword by Hubert Butler (p.361)

7th Triennial Rally in Kilkenny, Programme (p.362)

Butler Rally, Oxford 1986 (p.364)

Butler Rally 1984: Kassel, by Betty Butler (p.365)

Von Buttlar Archives at Elberberg by Astrid von Buttlar (p.370)

Rudolf von Buttlar of Elberberg (p.372)

Eva von Buttlar (p.373)

Notes on some Spanish Butlers by David J. Butler (p.374)

A Search for Butlers in the West Indies by Herb Taylor (p.377)

Aleksandr Mikhailovich Butlerov by Eleanor Burgess (p.387)

The Marquis of Ormonde to Dr.Fennell by Brocard M. Mansfield (p.391)

Kilcash and the Butlers by Katherine M. Lanigan (p.392)

Arklow Abbey by John J. Butler (p.398)

A Mid 17th Century Butler Dedication by Brocard M. Mansfield (p.401)

17th Century Portraits in the Ormonde Collection by Jane Fenlon (p.403)

A Bazaar of 1905 by Margaret M. Phelan (p.409)

A Butler in the Service of the Tsar by Eleanor Burgess (p.410)

Butler-Purcell Connections by Brien P. Horan (p.416)

A Butler Eulogy in an Austrian Museum by Katherine M. Lanigan (p.420)

Chapter VIII of Thomas Carew's Itinerarium (p.421)

The Butler-Becket Tradition by Theobald Blake Butler (p.424)

Theodore Earl Butler (p.426)

Cornelius Butler, F.R.C.S. 1786-1871 by Gladys A.Ward (p.428)

A future for Kilkenny Castle by Hubert Butler (p.432)

A Butler Pioneer Woman by Frances I. Thomas (p.435)

Nenagh Castle by Nancy Murphy (p.436)

The Late Captain James Butler (p.441)

Butlers in Essex Assize Records by Eleanor Burgess (p.445)

Mary Duchess of Ormonde by Brocard M. Mansfield (p.448)

Extract from the Calendar of the Mss of the Marquess of Ormonde (p.450)

Butler Index to Vol.II of Carrigan's Ossory by Lord Dunboyne (p.451)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.453)

Poems on the Butlers 1400-1650 by Coslett Quin (p.467)

Recent Books by Butlers (p.468)

  • "Escape from the Anthill" by Hubert Butler
  • "They Speak for Themselves" by Susan Butler
  • "Unsichtbare Krafte" by Johannes v. Butler

Obituary - Theobald Rollo Pierce Butler (p.472)

Afterword by Eleanor Burgess (p.472)

Contributors to Portrait (p.474)

Rule of the Butler Society (p.475)


Volume 3 Number 1 (1986-87)

Foreword by Hubert Butler (p.4)

Kilkenny Rally 1985 by Adrian A. Walton (p.6)

Oxford Rally 1986 by Nicola Toler-Aylward (p.10)

Oxfordshire Butlers by Lord Dunboyne (p.14)

Links with the Past by John J. Butler (p.16)

Theobald Walter by C.A. Empey (p.18)

Saltair of MacRichard by George Butler (p.21)

Eleanor Butler Fitzgerald by Anne Chambers (p.28)

The death of the ninth Earl of Ormond by David Edwards (p.30)

Elizabeth, Lady Thurles by Brocard M. Mansfield (p.42)

Dublin and the first Duke of Ormonde by Brocard M. Mansfield (p.45)

The Butler Palatinate of Tipperary by Brocard M. Mansfield (p.48)

George Codan and the Duke of Ormonde (p.50)

Extracts from the Crimean Journal of Thomas Butler (p.54)

Some Houses in England owned by the Dukes of Ormonde by Jane Fenlon (p.58)

The next stage for Kilkenny Castle by Hubert Butler (p.61)

Plan of Kilkenny Castle 1767 by Mary Kenealy (p.63)

Mount Juliet, Kilmurry and the Carricks by Hubert Butler (p.65)

Butlers in the Navy of Spain by John de Courcy Ireland (p.76)

The Marchioness of Ormonde opens Kilkenny Golf Club by M. Phelan (p.79)

Keynote Address at Rally in Kyneton, Victoria 1986 by R.H. Butler (p.80)

Butlers of Essex in 1327 by Eleanor Burgess (p.83)

A Letter from Major John Butler (p.84)

The English Holdings of the first Earl of Ormonde (p.89)

Ellis Parker Butler: American Humorist by Henry B. Chapin (p.90)

Butler Index to Volume III of Carrigan's Ossory by Lord Dunboyne (p.94)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.97)

Butler Business Connections by Lord Dunboyne (p.110)

Books of Interest to Butlers (p.111)

Obituaries (p.114)

Afterword by Eleanor Burgess (p.115)

Butler Shop (p.116)

Minutes of TGM 1985 (p.117)

Rules of the Butler Society (p.118)


Volume 3 Number 2 (1988-89)

Foreword by Hubert Butler (p.125)

 Butler Rally - Toronto (p.127)

A Rally in Spain (p.128)

The Eighth International Butler Rally by Herb Taylor (p.129)

The New Zealand Butler Society (p.137)

Butler House Appeal (p.138)

Lady Butler: Battle Artist by Betty Perks (p.140)

Irish Genealogical Research Society Jubilee (p.142)

The Butler Outing to Birr and Portumna by Sophia Grene (p.143)

Junior Butler Rally (p.144)

St. Canice's Cathedral by Sidney G. Butler (p.145)

Eoin O'Mahoney Bursary (p.146)

Address by Dr. Garret Fitzgerald (p.147)

Correspondence (p.148)

Hubert Butler's Traits by David Hanly (p.149)

The Irish Dames of Ypres by John J. Butler (p.152)

The Duke of Ormonde and the Huguenots by Hubert Butler (p.160)

Ormond Deeds 1644-49 (p.166)

Joseph Butler by Eleanor Burgess (p.176)

The Relic of the True Cross (p.177)

A Butler at Nivelle by James Butler (p.178)

In Praise of Piaras Butler (p.179)

A Butler Effigy (p.181)

By Beat of Drum by W.A. Smy (p.182)

Two Pioneers in Aviation by Eleanor Burgess (p.191)

Chance your Arm (p.193)

Butler Cricketers, Negretti and Butler (p.194)

Butler's Motor Tricycle (p.196)

Butlers in South America by Derek Bedson (p.197)

Visit of King and Queen to Kilkenny Castle (p.202)

Butler Index to Volume IV of Carrigan's Ossory by Lord Dunboyne (p.204)

Remembrance of Things Past by Geoffrey Marescaux (p.206)

Butlers in Pepys by Eleanor Burgess (p.209)

A Butler saves Dublin Castle by B.M. Mansfield (p.216)

Butler Shop (p.218)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.219)

Butler Business Connections by Lord Dunboyne (p.236)

Book Reviews (p.237)

Obituaries (p.249)

Afterword by Eleanor Burgess (p.252)

Minutes of TGM 1988 (p.253)

Rules of the Butler Society (p.255)


Volume 3 Number 3 (1991)

 Foreword by Eleanor Burgess (p.261)

Argentinian Butlers (p.265)

Address given at Hubert Butler's Memorial Service by Roy Foster (p.266)

Obituaries (p.269)

Toronto Rally 1990 by Thelma Gillott (p.273)

The Irish World-Wide (p.281)

The First Junior Butler Rally (p.282)

A History of Kilkenny - Special Offer (p.283)

1991 Ninth Triennial Rally (p.284)

The Butler Society Trust (p.285)

The Butler Literary Award (p.286)

Hubert at the Helm by Lord Dunboyne (p.286)

The Last Butler by T.F. O'Sullivan (p.289)

The Butlers of Arrowtown (p.297)

Windsor to Palmerston (p.299)

Captain Harry J. Butler AFC RFC by Glenda Butler (p.301)

The German Heirs of Colonel Walter Butler by Christoph von Pogrell (p.304)

How Two British Officers Escaped 1943 by Colonel Sir Thomas Butler (p.317)

Skulduggery in the 17th Century? By Mrs Norman Butler (p.323)

Theobald Walter and the Abbey of Owney by Rosemary Butler (p.327)

The Genealogy of the first Countess of Ormond by Rene Buteler (p.335)

The Marquess of Ormonde's Irish Estates by F.M. Purchas (p.339)

Phoenix Park and the Duke of Ormonde by John Leonard (p.344)

The Quest for Major General Sir Edward Butler by Diana Wissick (p.346)

Monument in Capuchin Friary (p.351)

Butler Blood in Maryland Families by Brice McAdoo Clagett (p.352)

Some Heraldic Shields of the Butlers in Ireland by Toby Butler (p.363)

Records of Butler Printers in Kilkenny by Mary Kenealy (p.375)

Death of the "Gallant Ossory" by Joan Butler (p.376)

Dispute with Butler by James Butler (p.378)

Chancery Bills 1610-1634 (p.380)

Tomb of Hubert Walter (p.385)

Butlers of Grallagh, Boytonrath and Doon by T. Blake Butler (p.386)

Correspondence (p.408)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.411)

Butler Business Connections by Lord Dunboyne (p.425)

Book Reviews (p.426)

Rules of the Butler Society (p.438)

Butler Shop (p.440)


Volume 3 Number 4 (1994)

Foreword by Eleanor Burgess (p.444)

Obituaries (p.447)

Kilkenny Rally 1991 by Thelma Gillott (p.451)

Hubert Butler Memorial Lecture by Tadhg O'Sullivan (p.465)

The Madrid Rally 1993 by Thelma Gillott (p.470)

Spain and the Butlers by David Butler (p.479)

Butler Testamentary Records in Cadiz by Brian Foley (p.484)

Who wrote Glanville? By Lord Dunboyne (p.500)

Hubert Walter and his family by Lord Dunboyne (p.502)

Hubert FitzGauthier by Rene G.J. Buteler (p.506)

A Portrait of the ninth Earl of Ormond by John Kirwan (p.512)

Thomas Butler tenth Earl of Ormond by John Kirwan (p.514) 

 "Vile and Ingrate Traytours" by Toby Butler (p.530)

The Siege of Golden Castle by Toby Butler (p.541)

Two of John Aubrey's Eminent Men (p.550)

Dublin and the Duke of Ormonde by John Leonard (p.555)

Butler Business Connections by Lord Dunboyne (p.560)

Butlerstown Castle (p.561)

A Monument to Archbishop Walsh by Liz Fitzpatrick (p.562)

The Lord O'Brien's letter unto his father (p.565)

The Praises of Knappogue (p.566)

A Letter from War-torn Paris (p.568)

Butler's Emporium by Sean Byrne (p.569)

The Butler Family of New Shoreham by Desma Russell (p.573)

The Butlers of Grallagh and Boytonrath Family Tree (p.582)

  • Documentary Sources (of above) by Toby Butler (p.584)

Irish Landlordism (p.600)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne (p.601)

Books (p.619)

Correspondence (p.627)

Minutes of 10th TGM (p.630)

Eoin O'Mahony Bursary (p.632)

Rules of the Butler Society (p.634)


Volume 4 Number 1 (1997) 

Foreword by Eleanor Burgess (p.5)

Obituaries (p.8)

Kilkenny Castle Archives by John Kirwan (p.13)

Kilkenny Rally 1994 by Thelma Gillott (p.17)

The Visit to Kilcash by Phil Flood (p.27)

Buteler Mini Rally at Cordoba by Susana Oddone de Buteler (p.31)

The Butler Tour of New Zealand 1996 by Thelma Gillott (p.36)

Sir Richard Butler KB 1850-1925 by Elizabeth Hutchison (p.51)

Some Butler Family Connections with Australia by W. Henderson (p.54)

The Strange Death of the ninth Earl of Ormond by David Edwards (p.58)

Butler Entries in Hawkhurst Parish Registers by Genevieve Butler and Anna Record (p.64)

Thomas Butler, tenth Earl of Ormond, Part II by John Kirwan (p.67)

James Butler, first Duke of Ormond (p.86)

Ormond and Strafford, pupil and mentor? by W.P. Kelly (p.88)

 To Hell or Connaught by Toby Butler (p.107)

The O'Shaugnessy Woods by Toby Butler (p.114)

James O'Gorman Mahon and James Blake Butler by Toby Butler (p.123)

A Meeting in Kilkenny Castle by Patrick Holland (p.140)

Mrs Julia Butler by Margaret Phelan (p.142)

The Ormond Cemetery by Margaret Phelan (p.148)

An Evening in Kilkenny Castle by Margaret Phelan (p.149)

Butler Testamentary Dispositions in Cadiz by Brian Foley (p.150)

Ormond Butlers by David J. Butler (p.161)

Thornpark Lodge, Oranmore (p.161)

Stanstead Hall (p.162)

Butler Mottoes by Lord Dunboyne (p.164)

Butler Business Connections by Lord Dunboyne and John Butler (p.165)

From the Memoirs of Frank Edward Day-Lewis by A. Butler Warrick (p.166)

Happy Families ed. Lord Dunboyne and John Butler (p.167)

Books (p.179)

Correspondence (p.194)

Minutes of 11th TGM (p.195)

Rules of the Butler Society (p.198)