Some of the major Butler Family Groups culled from the article by Lord Dunboyne in The Journal of The Butler Society Vol.2 No.1 (1981) p.125. and updated.



Bedfordshire, Biddenham - Thomas Butler, alive 1312, ancestor of Sir William Boteler, Lord Mayor of London 1515.


Berkshire,Wantage - Thomas Butler, died 1731, ancestor of Butlers of Inkpen, Berkshire


Cambridgeshire, Orwell - Nicholas Butler, 16th Century, ancestor of Butlers of Barnwell, Cambridgeshire, including the eccentric Jacob Butler, died 1765.


Cambridgeshire, Isle of Ely - Thomas Butler LL.D. early 18th Century, ancestor of Butlers of Tasmania.


Channel Islands, Jersey - Helier le Boutillier, alive 1611, whose family is reputed to have been in Jersey since Norman times.


Cheshire, Poulton - Richard, butler of the Earl of Chester, 1086, ancestor of the Butlers of Warrington and Bewsey, Lancashire, and Blakesley and Preston Capes, Northamptonshire.


Essex, Braintree - Deacon Richard Butler, died 1684.


Essex, Danbury - Sir Edward Boteler, died 1625 or 1626.


Essex, Fryerning - Peter Boteler, died c.1607, probably ancestor of Butlers of Ingatestone, Essex.


Glamorganshire, Dunraven - Sir Arnold Butler, alive 1090, probably butler of William de Londres.


Gloucestershire, Badminton - Sir John Boteler, alive 1410.


Gloucestershire, Bristol - Richard Butler who there joined the Quakers in 1701; his descendants held lands in Co.Wexford.


Hampshire, Bramshott - see Sussex, Stanley.


Hampshire, Bury Lodge, Hambledon - see Kent, Lee (near Greenwich).


Hertfordshire, Sawbridgeworth (and St Albans) - Ralph Butler, alive c.1500, ancestor of Alban Butler, the hagiologist, of Butlers of Amberley Castle, Sussex, and of George Washington, first President of the USA.


Huntingdonshire, Waresley - John Butler, alive 1371-1414, ancestor of the Earls of Lanesborough.


Kent, Ash-next-Sandwich - Richard (or Robert) de Boteler, alive c.1300, presumed ancestor of Botelers of Eastry, Kent.


Kent, Eastwell - Nicholas Butler, 1636 emigrant, ancestor of "Wild Bill" (1837-1876) and many American Butlers including General B.F. Butler (1818-1893).


Kent, Lee (near Greenwich) - Thomas Butler, 1676-1735, ancestor of the Butlers of Hambledon, Hampshire.


Lancashire, Weeton - Hervey Walter, alive 1100, ancestor of the Lord Chief Butlers of Ireland (The Earls of Ormond), with junior branches including Carrick, Galmoye, Mountgarret, Cahir, Dunboyne and many other Butler families worldwide. Probably the largest single family group of Butlers, though there are other groups with Irish connections.


Lancashire, Houghton- Hamo Pincerna, c.1100, reputed ancestor of de Hoghtons of Hoghton Tower, Lancashire.


London, Blackfriars - William Butler, d.1816; ancestor of the wine merchants Hedges and Butler.


Co. Mayo, Ballycroy - Henry le Buteiller, alive 1215.


Middlesex, Bethnal Green - John Butler, alive 1770, weaver, ancestor of Butlers of Cazenoves House, Upper Clapton, Middlesex.


Monmouthshire, Caerlleon - John Butler, died 1768 or 1777.


Oxfordshire, Oxford - James Butler, 1750-1825, ancestor of South African Butlers.


Oxfordshire, Ewelme - Richard Thomas Butler (died 19th Century), ancestor of Butlers of Stadhampton, Oxfordshire, and the two Sir Richard Butlers, both of whom became Premier of South Australia.


Somerset, Old Clee - Robert Boteler, 16th Century.


Somerset, Yeovil - Colonel John Butler, died 1791, whose sister, Mrs Dight, was mother of Commissary General John Butler Butler. N.B. This is NOT the Col.John Butler who founded The Butler Rangers in Canada.


Surrey, Camberwell - Captain Thomas Butler, died 1687 or 1688, planter of Nevis, West Indies.


Surrey, Bermondsey - Butlers Wharf, Shad Thames. John Butler, Wharfinger, 1811.


Sussex, Stanley - Walter Butler, died 1638, reputedly from Ireland, ancestor of Butlers of Bramshott, Hampshire.


Warwickshire, Oversley - Ralph, butler of Robert, Count of Meulan (who died 1118), and ancestor of the barons Botiller of Wem and Boteler of Brantfield.


Warwickshire, Birmingham - William Butler, alive 1850, father of Sir William Butler, Bart., Chairman of the brewers, Mitchells and Butlers Ltd.


Wiltshire, Devizes - Frederick James Butler, 1839-1881, whose son Sir Reginald Butler, Bart., was founder of United Dairies Ltd.


Worcestershire, Wyche - Ralph Butler, 12th Century, whose male-line descendants are on record as having been of "Yatton" in the 14th Century before moving to Wyche in the 15th Century.


Worcestershire, Claynes - Robert Butler, died 1546, ancestor of Lord Butler of Saffron Walden (Rab Butler). The author of "Hudibras" was evidently of this group.


Yorkshire, Baildon - Thomas Butler, died 1630, ancestor of Butlers of Kirkstall Forge, Yorkshire.