rally2012 22bA Butler Rally is held every three years in Kilkenny, Ireland to co-incide with the Triennial General Meeting (TGM) of The Butler Society.  The last rally was in August 2012. 

What is a rally?

Rallies and gatherings are arranged by members, for members.  They tend to be social occasions which offer a great opportunity to get to know others with whom one may have corresponded, and who share an interest in the same subject.  Some come to visit their roots, some to exchange information, some to enjoy the party. Tours and speakers are organised as economically as possible, and visits are arranged to places which may not normally be open to the public. The locations usually have strong Butler connections.

Bookings for the 2015 Rally may be made here.


Archived material can be viewed: the programme from the 2012 rally or the schedule of the 1997 Kilkenny rally.

Videos and photos can be viewed in the gallery here.

Click here for some newspaper reports of the 2000 rally.

The Next Rally

The seventeenth Triennial Rally will be held around Kilkenny Castle from 18 - 23 August 2015.

Other Gatherings

Regional groups organise gatherings and trips.  For example, David Butler organised an annual gathering in Spain for some years. 

In August 1998, the German von Buttlar families held a very successful gathering in Berlin and Kassel, which numerous members of the Butler Society attended. Read about the German gathering here.

Occasional gatherings have also been held in other countries, including USA, Canada, Spain, Argentina and New Zealand.  In 1990, we had a memorable rally in Toronto. Two seminar-style genealogical gatherings have also taken place in Cambridge (1979) and Oxford (1986), England.