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(DS109) Sarah Butler b. 21 Jan 1781 (or 1787) in Winchester, Cheshire, MA, USA

Who were her parents? She m. Paul Willard (1775-1856) and d. 31 July 1867.

(DS108) Butler (Widow) m. George Pack in Kilkenny, October 1802

Extracted from "Irish Marriages - being an Index to the Marriages in Walker's Hibernian Magazine 1771 to 1812". He might have been a descendant of Rev. Richard Pack of Kilkenny College and Mary Percy of Ballintemple, but there is no clue of who the widow Butler might be.

(DS107) Patrick Butler b. 20 April 1813, "somewhere in Ireland", migrated to Canada pre 1837

Who were his parents and where in Ireland did they come from ? Patrick m. 9 Aug 1837 Martha Ellis by whom (all in Ontario, Canada) David b. 3 May 1838, Charles b. 4 July 1840, William b. 28 March 1842, James b. 27 July 1844, Maria b. 12 Feb 1847, Martha Jane b. 6 Dec 1850, Margaret b. 1 Dec 1853, Norvall b. 1 Dec 1853, Lavina b. 27 Sept 1856, Eleanor b. 16 May 1860.

(DS106) Edward J. Butler b. in or near Philadelphia, PA, USA, c. 1900

Any info? Information received from a great grand daughter of an Edward J. Butler who was a foreman of a steel foundry in Philadelphia suggests he emigrated there in the late 1800's. Her cousin in England has a photo of Edward leaning on a shovel at the foundry.

(DS105) William and Barbasha Butler of Vermont, USA, alive 1850's

Any info?

(DS104) Ed Butler m. Emily Cathie and Aaron Butler m. Ellen Cathie c.1900 probably in Shropshire, UK.

There were seven sisters in the Cathie family, the eldest, Anne Cathie (b.1868) married William Thomas Hughes in 1896 and two of the younger sisters married Edward and Aaron Butler who were related in some way, either brothers or cousins, and are said to have been connected with the village of Worfield in Shropshire and maybe also with the Wolverhampton area.

(DS103) "Chas" Butler of New York m. pre 1860 Sarah Wilmarth of Vermont

Where did he come from? Children: George, Ira, and Charles. George b.c. 1860, m. Ella Parrish. Descendants settled in North Dakota.

(DS102) Arthur Butler and Walter Butler, alive c.1890 and Ysobel Oldine Butler

A antique book dealer in South Africa has acquired a collection of photos, dating from c. 1890, including pictures of "Arthur Butler and Walter Butler, prosperous-looking men who were probably in their sixties when the photographs were taken". There is also a photo of a child, captioned "Ysobel Oldine Butler aged 4 years Nov 5th". In the same collection there is an earlier photo, taken in Munich, captioned on the reverse "My Grandmother and Mother; Baroness Eleanor de Poellnitz and Baroness Leopoline".

(DS101) Thomas Butler of Virginia (b. 1803 Yorkshire, UK, son of John & Ann Butler)

Thomas was born 18 Sept 1803 and baptised at Dunningham, Yorkshire, UK by E. J. Presdolph, (Rector). Thomas and his brother Robert emigrated to America in 1835 but their parents and and other siblings (including a brother called John) remained in UK. Family legend is that they were barristers (lawyers) by profession. Thomas subsequently m. Eliza Jane Cochran of Frederick Co. Virginia, USA. Their children included: John Wilson, Charles Edward, Thomas M., Frances A., Mary A., Rebecca J., Frances, George - all born between 1838 and 1860, the first two in Frederick Co. VA, and the last in Augusta Co. VA. Thomas may have married another wife called (?) Abina. Charles Edward Butler (d. 31 March 1885) m. Letitia Jane Argenbright 25 Jan 1866. Ed: Could there be a connection to Q139 ?

(DS100) Edward Butler ("Kilroe", Co. Tipperary early 1800's)

Married Catherine Crosbie or Crosby by whom at least one son (John, of whom it was said at the time of his death c. 1862 that he was heir to the title of Lord Cahir) and three daughters: Theresa said to have been b.1834 at "Kilroe", Co.Tipperary, Ireland, m. John Wyndham Rosser (mine manager), d. 5 December 1897 in Ballarat, Australia; Euphemia, unmarried d. 6 January 1898 in Ballarat, Australia; and Hannah, believed to have remained in Ireland.

(DS99) William Cornelius Butler of Virginia (early 1900's)

His family is believed to have come from Kilkenny, Ireland.

(DS98) Butlers of Warrington (Cheshire) - Coats of Arms on porcelaine.

A piece of Chinese porcelaine painted in Holland in about 1720 - 1740 is decorated with two Coats of Arms. The "shield-shaped" Coat of Arms appears to be that of the Butlers of Warrington, presumably the original owner. The other Coat of Arms (in an ellipse) is likely to be those of the father and mother of his wife, most probably Dutch. Can anyone identify them? (click here for picture). After some truly remarkable research, RE writes from Holland that the Coat of Arms belonged to William Butler (b.28 March 1686 d.22 Sept 1731) and his wife Maria Leeser. These arms are on their tombstone at the Martini Church at Groningen (source: Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie, The Hague, Holland). William was an important man in the service of the Dutch "West-Indische Compagnie" at the beginning of the 18th Century, serving as Director General of the North and South Coasts of Africa. About 1711 he was living in Axim, Guinea and from 1718 to 1722 at the fortress of Elmina (present day Ghana). The ancestry of this interesting character has yet to be researched, but RE further notes that a 19th Century Dutch Dictionary of Biography does not mention this William but does mention two brothers called Francois and Louis Butler who were in the Dutch diplomatic service in about 1750 and who may or may not have been relations.

(DS97) Edmond Butler m. Mary née Britt, emigrated, probably from Freshford Co. Kilkenny, to USA in 1863.

They emigrated with their son Michael, and his family of eleven children, ending up in Chicago. Who were Edmond's parents ?

(DS96) James Butler b. c. 1800 Dublin d. c. 1885 Ontario, Canada

Married c. 1830 Ellen Webb (b. c. 1810 Dublin, d. c. 1880 Fitzroy, Carlton Co. Ontario, Canada) and immigrated to Canada c. 1844. Their children were William (b.c.1835), Margaret (b.c. 1837), Ellen (1840-1875 m. Patrick Warnock), James Jr (b.c. 1843) all born in Galway, and then in Ontario Canada, Charles W. (b.c. 1845), Jane (b. c. 1848), and Mary Ann (b.c. 1851). Who were James' parents?

(DS95) Robert Butler b. c. 1854 Dublin, d. c. 1889 Texas

Robert is believed to have been from Kilkenny and was commissioned as a Lt in the Kilkenny Fusiliers on 5 Jan 1873. He is no longer listed in Oct 1876 by when it is thought he had migrated to USA, possibly accompanied by a sister. Robert married (where is not known) Katherine Josephine Ryan who was Catholic (b. 1 Jan 1861 Waterford or Dublin, Ireland, d. 4 Dec 1907 Texas, USA). Lord Dunboyne comments that there were over 6400 Butlers listed in the 1880 Census of Texas, of whom only 3 are stated to have been born in Ireland, namely James J. Butler (age 50), his wife Nora (age 40) and one P.J. Butler (aged 31). The Kilkenny Fusiliers are not to be found in the Army Lists so, whilst the above information may or may not be correct, it would be interesting to know the documentary source.

(DS94) Arabella Butler 19th century Ireland & Australia

A so-far unverified saga - "Lady Arabella Butler" was said to have been born in Co. Kerry, a daughter of Theobald Butler and Kate née Godfrey, who are thought to have disowned her when, aged 19, she ran off and married (in Co. Kerry) a Catholic priest by the name of Patrick O'Shea, eventually settling in Australia where they had ten children before she died aged 42. Any information gratefully received. The area of Ireland and the names Arabella and Godfrey does tend to suggest some sort of a connection to the Butlers of Waterville, Co. Kerry, but the story does not seem to tie in with the known history of this well-documented family.

(DS93) James Butler b. c. 1730 in Dunboyne, Co. Meath, Ireland

Said to have gone to Barbados "to take care of a family estate" and then, for unknown reasons, migrated to Louisa Co. Virginia, USA where he m. 6 July 1755 Mary Beckwith who d. 1758 giving birth to their son, William Aaron, who survived. Lord Dunboyne comments that whilst it is not possible to identify this individual with any degree of assurance on this basis of this information, one possible lead is that there was a James Butler b. c. 1730 of Tralee, Co. Kerry, son of Theobald Butler of Priestown, Co. Meath. Priestown was, for many centuries, part of the Dunboyne estate in Co. Meath.

(DS92) Captain Butler of Kilkenny late 1800's

Captain Butler's daughter, Rosanna Butler, was born in Kilkenny in the late 1800's. Rosanna m. an englishman William (or Michael) Hoey in Kilkenny in the early 1900's ("a neighbour on High Street, a Mrs Coyne was present") and they later emigrated to Canada. Their four children were Robert Emett, William, Elizabeth and Mary. Who was Captain Butler? Lord Dunboyne comments that it would help to know what the marriage certificate says and the religious tradition of the family, but he suggests that there could be some connection to Q289 in the Happy Families serial.

(DS91) "Isobel" Butler m. John Lamport c. 1610-1620 in Ireland

John Lamport was brother of William Lamport (alias Guillen Lombardo) from Wexford. William had an adventurous life in Spain and Mexico (finally being burnt at the stake by the Inquisition) and is said by some to have been the model for the myth of "Zorro". Contemporary records briefly mention that his brother John married a Butler believed to be called "Isobel" (? Elizabeth ? Ellane) and that this wedding was celebrated with a great feast in Ireland and that some years later John inherited, from the maternal side of his family, the Sutton family estates in Ballykeroge, near New Ross. Who were the parents of Isobel? Further details are sought of this Butler connection by William Lamport's biographer. Whilst the Lamport / Butler marriage cannot be immediately identified, Lord Dunboyne highlights two items which suggest a nexus that might be further investigated for possible leads: (1) The 3rd Viscount Mountgarret had a daughter called Elizabeth (d.1686) who m. Sir Walter Butler of Polestown, a close relation of the Butler who killed Wallenstein. (2) The will dated May 1693 of John Sutton of Ballyleskin, Co. Wexford (gentleman) records the name of his wife "Mary" (maiden name unknown) and that his brother m. Elizabeth daughter of 4th Viscount Mountgarret (ref: GO Dublin, Wills, New Series Vol 26 (allowances) p.225.

(DS90) Thomas H. Butler b. in Canada 1835 / 1841 d. in Michigan 1916

Married Martha Sims (from Scotland) in Canada 1864. Left Canada in 1865 to fight in the Civil War, in a Connecticut Cavalry unit, in place of someone else, but had his fingers blown off after a few months. Seeking further info on THB's parents, who may possibly have been John Butler and Margaret Hodgens.

(DS89) Marion Butler b. late 1800's probably Tennessee USA

Married Ida Milam and they had Mary Frances (b.1910, m. Griggs), Thomas, and Calvin. Moved from Stewart Co. Tenn. to Monroe, La.

(DS88) John Butler b. c. 1655 Barton, Glos, England

Who were John's parents? John m. Elizabeth Worley 13 Jan 1674 at St Mary Redcliff Bristol. They are believed to have had a son John (b. c. 1670 bpt St Mary Redliff 5 Oct 1674) who m. Bersheba Noble and moved to Pennsylvania USA between 1704 and 1711, having Noble Butler (b.1704 Chester Co. PA), John, Bersheba, and Mary (all living in 1717). The family had a Quaker background. Further info sought. Phillimore's does not list a parish called Barton in the county of Glos. Could it have been Barton upon Humber ? It seems probable that there is some sort of connection to the Richard Butler of Q7 in the Happy Families serial, who joined the Quakers on 16 March 1710. AND As a result of this entry, contact has been made with another branch of this family, currently resident in Florida, descended from the above Noble Butler, via Noble II, Noble III, Russell R., Levi, Henry, and Harold Butler of Coosa, Ala. USA AND yet another descendant has made contact (d/o Daisy, d/o Marian Alfred, s/o Zephania, s/o Bail (Beale) 1814, s/o Enos (1770), s/o Noble, s/o Noble, s/o John) recommending a book "Noble Butler of Bristol, England, Philadelphia and Chester Co. Pennsylvania" published in 1982 West Chester PA by Butler Family Association, and available on microfiche in the Salt Lake Utah Archives under US/CAN Book#IS:929.273 b977 Microfiche No.IS:6110802. Yet another descendant writes "John Butler b.1655 m. Beersheba Noble came from Barton Regis, England near Bristol. They came to Chester Co. Penn. 1704. They were friends of William Penn - Quakers. My 3rd great-grandfather was Noble Butler III who came to Georgia with his parents Noble Butler II and Susannah née Beale. Noble Butler III m. Rutha Bishop in Warren Co. GA and migrated to St Tammany Parish, Louisiana about 1809. He fought in the war of 1812, the Battle of New Orleans in 12th and 13th Consolidated Militia. In 1830's they migrated to Simpson Co. Mississippi".

(DS87) Butlers of Peasmarsh, Sussex, UK. c. 1750

A researcher in Canada would like to make contact with anyone researching Butlers of the 18th century in the Peasmarsh / Iden / Rye area of Sussex, England.

(DS86) Catherine Butler m. William Curtis 30 July 1837, London

at All Souls Church, Marylebone (Certificate ref: 1 177). She is believed to have had Irish blood ! ? William John Curtis ? It will be necessary to look up the microfilm for All Souls Marylebone Langham Place 1825-1918 which should now be at the Family Records Centre, London.

(DS85) Ralph Butler m. 15 Aug 1786 in Ipswich, MA, USA

He married Esther Burnham d/o Thomas Burnham and Lucy née Cogswell. Seeking parents and birthplace of Ralph b. c. 1761. Lord Dunboyne guesses that Ralph was probably descended from Thomas (d. 1765) son of Lt William see DS84 below.

(DS84) Lt William Butler of Chebacco Parish, Ipswich MA, USA b. c. 1654

Probably born in Massachusetts. Who were his parents? Lord Dunboyne notes that "The Irish race was strongly entrenched in Ipswich" according to George F. O'Dwyer The Irish in Ipswich 1630-1710 published in the Catholic World for September 1922 (in the Boston Library). Butlers and Kinsfolk by Elmer E. Butler (326 pages written in 1903 and published in 1944. This book is now very hard to find but a copy is known to have been in the Library of Congress Washington DC in 1976) is probably the best so far written on the subject and records that Lt William Butler (Yeoman of Ipswich) 1653-1730 was the new world ancestor of a long line of the age of 15,..[he] was a witness in the case of Cogswell v. Burnham, a civil case for trespass when William Butler was a servant for Mr William Cogswell... The fact that William Butler was a servant suggests that he may have been Irish and transported during the Cromwellian period...The Will dated 26 Oct 1724 of William Butler (d.1730) set out on p.17 of Elmer's book, gives "to my son Thomas...a piece of saltmarsh ground with islands thereon bounded...southerly on land of Thomas Burnum". See also Q19 in the Happy Families serial.

(DS83) Anne Butler b.c. 1640

She married Thomas Dallen by whom she had a daughter Margaret b.c. 1698. Anne Butler was supposedly a daughter of the 1st duke of Ormonde Can she be traced? Lord Dunboyne thinks probably not. He is as certain as one can be that she was not legitimate and the 1st Duke is not known to have had any illegitimate daughters, just one illegitimate son.

(DS82) George and Nancy Butler of Tennessee - "served through the entire war of the Revolution".

George F. (or T.) Butler and Nancy Kennel (or Kendal) are said to have had 12 children including Mary Ann (b.1821 TN, m. c.1840 Mr Curtis), Francis M. (b.1824 TN, m. in Wayne Co. MO, 1849 Polly M.), Thomas (b.1829 TN, m. in Wayne Co. MO, 1859, Nancy J. McDaniel), and George W.H. (b.1833 in Wayne Co. MO, m.1st 1861 Frances Leonora Johnson and m.2nd Sirelda Kirkpatrick. "History of Southeast Missouri" includes a biography of George W.H. Butler with some very brief details about his parents George F. and Nancy, but it is proving difficult to track them down.

(DS81) Alexander and Jane or Jeannie Bell Butler m. 1890 USA

Jane b. Hector NY, USA, c.1858 and on marriage is said to have moved to Cedar Springs, MI but there seems to be no record of either of them in Kent Co. MI.

(DS80) John William Butler born Canada 8 August 1847

Who were his parents and where did they come from ? He later migrated to the USA and married Elizabeth Anna Smith on 6 Feb 1870 in Marion, PA.Herb Taylor's 1990 compendium "Butler Canada" might prove to be helpful. Entries that might have relevance include "John W. Butler"**, Cattle Dealer, in Middleport, a small village in the township of Onondaga, ONT, (listed in Lovell's Directory for 1871). "J.W. Butler" (c.1844-1875) proprietor of Dominion Hotel also in Middleport village (Brant Co Illustrated Atlas). "J.W. Butler" m. Rachael Robinson 1869 Canning Parish, Queen's Co. NB (Christian Visitor, St John, 8 July 1869). Lord Dunboyne also suggests for further investigation "J.W. Butler (Millwright)" of 592 St Bonaventure Street, West Montreal, Quebec 1863-4 and 1870-1. ** Another correspondent writes that the John William Butler living in Middleport, Onondaga (and later in Brantford) was s. of Thomas Butler and Augusta née Cockrell (1811-1894). John predeceased his mother Augusta and is mentioned in her obituary (Brantford Courier 18 April 1894) as being "so well and favorably known in this city". The obituary also notes that Thomas "was a grandson of the late Col Butler, of Butler's Rangers".