1. The Society shall be called THE BUTLER SOCIETY.

2. The Society shall consist of Ordinary Members and Honorary Members. Upon payment of the appropriate subscription, anyone who professes an interest in any family of the name of Butler shall be entitled to become an Ordinary Member. The Committee shall have the power to elect as Honorary Members any person whose election is, in its opinion, merited by reason of services rendered to, or conducive to the interests of the Society. Except as otherwise provided by these rules, Honorary Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of Ordinary Members. Corporate bodies on payment of annual not life subscriptions shall be entitled to all the privileges of Ordinary Members without any such privilege thereby accruing to anyone individually.

3. The appropriate subscriptions for membership of the Society shall be such sums as shall from time to time be determined by the Society in General Meeting, provided no subscriptions shall be payable by Honorary Members. The present annual subscription for each Ordinary Member is fifteen Euros. No new Life Members will be enrolled until further notice. All subscriptions shall be paid in advance on or before the first day of January in each year. The Committee shall be empowered to declare that any member whose subscription has been due and remains unpaid on the first day of May in any year shall cease to be a member of the Society.

4. A General Meeting shall be held not later than three years after the date of every last General Meeting. A Special General Meeting shall be summoned by the Honorary Secretary at any time upon requisition of the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman or the Committee or any twelve members of the Society. At least 28 days notice of each General Meeting shall be given by the Honorary Secretary. It shall be sufficient compliance with the requirements of this rule to post not later than five weeks before the date of any General Meeting to the last known address of each member a notice stating date, time and place of such Meeting and giving particulars of the agenda. The Honorary Treasurer shall submit to every General Meeting a statement of the accounts of the Society.

5. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Committee which shall consist of:-
a) The President and Vice-Presidents who shall be ex-officio members thereof.
b) The Officers of the Society, namely, the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Honorary Treasurer and the Honorary Secretary, all of whom shall be elected in the General Meeting and shall hold office for three years only but shall be eligible for re-election.
c) Not more than ten, nor less than four, other members of whom not less than three shall be Ordinary Members, and all of whom shall be elected in the General Meeting and shall hold office for three years only but shall be eligible for re-election.
Any two or more offices may be held by the same person. Four members of the Committee shall form a quorum.

6. Any member may nominate, with the nominee's consent, any other member to be a candidate for election as an Officer of the Society or as a Member of the Committee, by giving notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary not later than fourteen days before the General Meeting. Candidates for either position may also be nominated in General Meeting by a majority of the members present thereat. Any vacancy on the Committee may be filled by the Committee: and any Officer or Member so appointed shall hold office only until the next General meeting but shall then be eligible for re-election.

7. There shall be a President and Vice-Presidents who shall be elected in General Meeting and who shall continue to hold office until the next General Meeting when they shall be eligible for re-election.

8. The Society in General Meeting shall have the power to appoint an Auditor of the Society and may revoke any such appointment.

9. The rules of the Society may be added to or altered at any General Meeting, provided that written notice of the proposed addition or alteration be given to the Honorary Secretary in sufficient time for inclusion of the particulars thereof in the notice convening the Meeting. Any member entitled to vote upon any proposed addition or alteration to the rules of the Society may vote thereon, either in person at the appropriate General Meeting or in his absence by writing, provided the letter is received by the Honorary Secretary before each General Meeting opens.

(As at the end of the 2003 TGM)