Errors noted in Index and Wills

Name in Index Will No. Error Noted



Antisell, Christ. 195 spelt Christopher in will

Archdekin, Peter 250 not listed in Index

Aungier, Ambr., 254 spelt Ambrose in will

Ballagh, James 283 not in will

Bear, Joseph 219 spelt Beare in will

Beaumont, Frances 145 spelt Mrs Francis Beaumont in will

Berry, William 183 should be will no. 182

Bigger, Elinor 182 should be will no. 181

Boulter, David 249 spelt Boulger in will

BOURKE/ BURKE- note this section very mixed up- note also 2 listings for Bourke in Index

Bourke, 211 no name attached

Bourke, Anthony 151 spelt Burke in will

Bourke, Celia 151 spelt Burke in will

Bourke, Patrick 151 spelt Burke in will

Bourke, David 211 not listed in Index

Bourke, Margaret 211 not listed in Index

Bourke, Mary 211 not listed in Index

Bourke, William 211 not listed in first Bourke, but listed in second Bourke with onlywills 94 and 280 listed, not 211

Bourke, Theobald 6 under second Bourke only

Bourke, Thomas 77, 117 under second Bourke only

Bowen, Matthew 380 spelt Bower in will

Bradford, Catherine 53 should be will no. 54

Brannigan, Richard 229 spelt Branigan in will

Brayell, Thomas 256 not in will. NB. Is rest of will 256 missing?

Brayell, William 297 not in will- NB. Should this be William Brazill in will 128 whois not listed in Index

Brenan, Daniell 88 spelt Daniel in will

Brooks, Rebecca 59 spelt Rebeccah in will

Brooks, Robert 272 spelt Brookes in will

Budden, John 53 should be will no. 58

BURKE- see above Bourke- Anthony , Celia, and Patrick 151 should be under Burke

Burke, Edmond 119 spelt Bourke in will

Burke, Anne 256 not listed in Index


Alban 214 not listed in will

Anastasia 41 spelt Anastatia in will

Anne 35 spelt Ann in will

Anne 55 spelt Ann in will

Anne 64 spelt Ann in will

Anne 86 spelt Ann in will

Anne 95 spelt Ann in will

Anne 135 spelt Ann in will

Anne 166 spelt Ann in will

Anne 175 spelt Ann in will

Anne 252 spelt Ann in will

Anne 267 spelt Ann in will

Anne 286 spelt Ann in will

Anne 308 spelt Ann in will

Anne 381 spelt Ann in will

Bayill 473 spelt Bazil in will

Brinsby 185 spelt Brinsly in will- NB probably should be Brinsley as in 204

Buckley 154 spelt Buckely in will

Caith 22 not listed in Index

Catherine 429 NB this was listed after 473 in Index and should have read 529

Cecelia 114 spelt Cecilia in will

Clara 301 spelt Clera in will

Cooly 292 spelt Conly in will

Debora 325, 523 spelt Deborah in wills

Dervell 196 spelt Thomas Derbell in will

Dombile 104, 111 spelt Domvile in 104 and Domville in 111

Dombille 309 spelt Donville in will

Dombill 247 spelt Donuvill in will

Dorothea 176 spelt Dorothy in will

Dorothea 223 not in will

Edmond 22 spelt Edmund in will

Edmond 24 spelt Edmund in will

Edmond 43 spelt Edmund in will

Edmond 93 not in will

Edmond 125 not in will- only Edward mentioned

Edmond 167 not in Index

Edmond 188 spelt Capt. Edmund

Edmond 200 not in will- only Col. Edward

Edmond 333 not in Index

Edmond 288 not in Index

Edmund 134 spelt Edmond in will

Edmund 167 spelt Edmond in will

Edward 70 not in Index

Edward 288 not in will

Edward 199 not in Index

Edward Gerald 199 no Edward Gerald, only Edward in will

Elizabeth 193 no Elizabeth Butler, only Elizabeth Coppinger in will

Elizabeth 17 not in Index

Elizabeth Teresa 17 no Elizabeth Teresa, only Elizabeth in will

Elizabeth Teresa 30 no Teresa, only Elizabeth in will

Ellane 119 spelt Ellan in will

Elleanor- note entries under Elleanor are sometimes spelt Eleanor and Ellenor in wills

Elline 112 spelt Ellin in will

Elline 118 not in will, only Ellinor mentioned in will

Elline 119 spelt Ellan and Ellin in will

Elline 132 spelt Ellane, Ellin and Ellen in will

Ellinor - note entries under Ellinor are sometimes spelt Elinor (NB wills 9,55,136,257, 403,)

Ellinor 494 not in will

Ellis 170 spelt Ellise in will

Glover 158 not in will

Harriot 188 spelt Harriet in will

Butler cont.

Hellin 262 spelt Helen in will

N.B. Will numbers 111 and 309 are the same will and the witness is spelt differently ie. George Rathony in will 111 and George Bathom in will 309

James 81 should be will no. 82

James 86 should be will no. 87

James 138 not in will

James 306 should be will no 307

James 390 not in Index

James 468 not in will

Jane 336 should be will no 339

Jonna 117,392,455 should be spelt Joanna in Index

John 198 not in will

John 275 not in will

Juan 17 not in Index

Juliana 84 Garrihundon spelt Garrihunclon in will

Jordan 299 spelt Jurdan in will

Jordan 201 not in Index

Jordan 283 not in Index

Letitia 431 should be will no. 434

Lory 287 spelt Loly in will

Margaret 292 not in will

Mary 132 spelt Marry in will

Mary 296 should be will no. 297

Mary 345 not in will

Matthew 12 not in will

Matthew 128 should be will no. 127

Peter 67 not in will

Peter 96 not in Index

Peter 97 not in Index

Pierce 96 not in will (spelt Peter?)

Pierce 228 spelt Pierse (NB. Not in index under Pierse)

Pierce 284 should be will no. 285

Pierce- NB- in Index between 395 and 450 there is inserted Numbers 343, 344, 345,346,347,348,349- none of these wills mentions a Pierce.

Pierse 307 spelt Pierce (NB not in index under Pierce)

Richard 62 not in Index

Richard 104 not in Index

Richard 109 not in will (NB should be will number 104)

Richard 246 should be will no. 248

Richard 258 not in Index

Richard 409 should be 309

Richard 410 should be 310

Richard 453 should be 458

Richard 458 not in Index

Richard 466 not in Index

Richard 470 not in Index

Sophia 451 should be Maria Sophia- not listed under Maria

Stephen Creagh 478, 479, 480 not in Index

Theobald 286 not in Index

Theobald 484 not in Index

Walter 138 should be will no. 139

Whitewell 275 spelt Whitwell in will

Butler cont.

William 85 not in will

William 521 not in Index

Winnefot 303 spelt Winnefort in will

Cahill, Lady Frances 284, 405 should read Cahir, not Cahill and should be under Cahir, Lady

Frances on next line in Index before Cahir, Lord.

Cahir, Lord 201 not in Index

Callanay, Ryan 304 spelt Calanay in will

Carmen, John 247 spelt Carman in will

Carroll, Eph., 234 spelt Ephraim in will

Cassidy, Robert 423 should be will no 428

Chetwood, Anne 204 spelt Ann Chetwode in will

Chetwood, Elizabeth 204 spelt Chetwode in will

Christian, William 172 spelt Willaim in will

Clanchy, Julian 211 spelt Clancy in will

Clarke, Neh., 140 spelt Nehemiah in will

Clarke, Jane and Catherine 221 Jane and Catherine not in Index- note spelt Clerke in will yet noted in will as wife and daughter of Charles Clarke ; also mentions Peter and Andrew Clarke.

Clear, William 102 spelt Cleare in will

Clerke, Jane and Catherine 221 see Clarke above; wife and dau. Of Charles Clarke

Clerke, Peter 400 spelt Clarke in will

Clerke, Robert 311 spelt Clarke in will

Clerke, William Thomas 193 not in will- instead there is a Joseph Clarke who is already

listed under Clarke

Clinton, Nicholas 148 not in will

Coffie, Anne 84 spelt Coffle in will

Coghill, Oliver 170 not in will

Cole, Ellinor 268 spelt Elinor in will

Colpoys, Anthony 5, 17 should be 517

Connoly, Michael 435 spelt Connolly in will

Connor, Sarah 130 spelt Sara in will

Conway, Augustine 138 should be will 137

Conway, Joane 134 spelt Joan in will

Cooke, Samuel 9 not in Index

Creaghe, Stephen 206,294 spelt Creagh (NB. Should add wills 478, 479, 480 to Index as

he was also known as Stephen Creagh Butler

Danaber, Michael 75 not in will

Daniell, Joane 134 spelt Joan in will

Davies, Ellinor 84 spelt Davys in will

Dean, Thomas 98, 171 spelt Deane in both wills

Doherty, Maary 209 spelt Mary in will

Donnel, Edward 129 spelt Donnell in will

Dougane, James 258 spelt Doungane in will

Dunboyne, Lord 445,446 not in index

Dunn, J. 283 should be John

Dwyer, Philip 125 spelt Phillip in will

Eagan, Elizabeth- NB. Eagan is in 2 places in the index- after Dykes and after Edwards- the will numbers for Elizabeth Eagan in both places differ and all four are correct. The second Eagan placement includes a William Eagan.

Everard, Lady Catherine 443 should be will no. 448

Fenlon, James 90 spelt Fenton in will

Ffarrell, Henry 282 spelt Farrell in will

Ffarrell, John 157 spelt Farrell in will

French, Alice 234 spelt Allice ffrench in will

Fischer, Edward 252 spelt Fisher in will

Fitzgerald, Daniel 27 not in will- NB. Daniel FitzGibbon is mentioned-also under

will 27 in Index

FitzGibbon, Joan 134 not in Index

Forster , John 517 spelt Foster in will

Forster, Margaret 251 spelt Foster in will

Forster, Robert 493 spelt Foster in will

Forster, Simon 251 spelt Foster in will

Forster, Thomas 149 spelt Foster in will -NB. Change Forster in Index to Foster

Fowly, Mary 139 spelt Fowley in will

Galway, Edward 227 spelt Galwey in will

Gerald, Mark 166 spelt Gerard in will

Gilleregh, J. 92 spelt Jeremiah in will

Gleeson, Michael 95 spelt Gleeson and Glisson in same will

Glisson, Michael 95 spelt Gleeson and Glisson in same will

Godfrey, Edmund 90 not in will

Grace, Elinor 85 spelt Ellinor in will

Grace, Frances 467 should be will no. 465

Grady, Ellinor 403 spelt Elinor

Grattan, Martha 171 should be will no. 177

Gulline, Eliza 7 spelt Guffine in will

Hackett, Lance 210 spelt Laurence in will

Halliday, Reuall 155 spelt Hallyday in will

Hatsworth, Nicholas 182 should be will no. 181

Heron, Laurence 476 spelt Lawrence in will

Higoin, Iz. 67 spelt Izaac in will

Hill, Ghomasina 511 spelt Thomasina in will

Hogan, John 26 spelt Hogane in will

Howth, Ellen 40 spelt Ellin in will

Jackman, Cornelius 188 should be Richard Cornelius Jackman as in will

Jacob, James 52 not in will

Jenkins, Francis 63 spelt Frances is will

Jones, John 136 should be will no. 138

Kavanagh, Donagh 162 spelt Donogh Kavnagh in will

Kavanagh, Morrise 87 spelt Morris Kavenagh in will

Kavanagh, Thomas 229 spelt Kavenagh in will

Kavanagh, Winifred 198 not in Index

Keane, Michael 137 spelt Kean and Keane in same will for same person- add e to

Kean in will

Keany, Michael 3 spelt Kearney in will as are other relatives- should be listed

under Kearney

Keany, Michael 10 spelt Kearney in will

Keany, Michael 61 spelt Kearny in will

Keany, Michael 278 spelt Kerney and Kearney in same will, Bryen Kearney in

same will

Kearney, Bryan 278 spelt Bryen in will

Kearney, John 280 spelt Kearny in will

Keating, Ann 183 should be will no. 182

Keily, Richard 190 spelt Kelly in will

Kelly, William 96 only has W. Kelly in will

Kennedy, Margaret 211 not in Index

Kenwin, Patrick 115 spelt Kinwin in will

Kinin, Michael 200 spelt Michel in will

Lahiffe, Phil 13 spelt Phill in will

Liddon, John 37 spelt Liddan in will

Loftus, Julian 84 spelt Juliana in will

Lyeet, Patrick 240 spelt Lycet in will

Lysaght, Patt, 76 spelt Patrick in will

McCarlie, Donough 279 spelt Donogh in will

McCarthy, Justin 72 not in will

McCarthy, William 136 spelt McCarty in will

McCormack, Mrs 208 spelt MacCormack in will

McDonnell, Jn. 230 spelt John MacDonnell in will

McKenna, Robert 311 spelt R. in will

Macnamara, Daniel 271 spelt Maenamara in will

Macnamara, Francis 75 not in will

Macnamara, James 217 spelt McNamara in will

Macnamara, John 280 spelt McNamara in will

Macnamara, Phoebe 480 spelt McNamara in will

Macnamara, Thady 283 not in will

Macnamara, Tim. 143 spelt Timothy in will

McRoberts, James 262 should be will no 264

McTeige, Marcus 279 spelt M’Teige in will

Madden, Samuel 151 not in will

Magher, Loughlin 87 spelt Laughlin in will

Max, Edmund English 218 spelt Edmond in will

Meagher, Brien 167 should be will no. 164

Meagher, John 214 not in will

Meares, George 270 spelt Geo. in will

Mercierm, Henry 149 spelt Mercier in will

Merony, Kathiren 93 spelt Katheren in will

Moody, Maria 438 spelt Marie in will

Murry, Margaret 85 spelt Murray in will

Neale, Joan 79 spelt Joane in will

Neterville, Margaret 35 should be will no. 85

Newtown, Lord 204 spelt Lord Newton in will- also spelt Lord Newtown in will 270

Nicholas, John 281 spelt Nichols in will

Nickson, Lorenza 298 spelt Lorenzo in will

Nowlan, Edmund 302 spelt Edmond in will

Nowlan, Mary 231 will no. 231 entered twice in Index

O’Daniel, Carrowle 223 spelt O’Daniell in will

O’Hara, Charles 22 not in will

O’Thvomogan, Donnagh 68 spelt O’Thyomegan in will

O’Reyly, Hugh Roe 150 should be will no. 156

Osborne, Bridget 42 spelt Osborn in will

Pave, Francis 101 spelt Paye in will

Pave, Urir 240 spelt Paye in will

Pearson, Law 234 spelt Laurence in will

Peddler, Benjamin 236 spelt Pedder in will

Peddler, John 236 spelt Pedder in will

Pilot, Mary 231 not in will

Power, Geoffrey 132 spelt Geffery in will

Power, Helen 390 spelt Hellen in will

Purcell, Patrick 238 not in will

Purefov, Thomas 158 spelt Purefoy in will

Ralf, John 99 spelt Ralph in will

Ramsey, Mary 252 spelt Ramsay in will

Redmond, Garrett 305 spelt Redmund in will

Reilly, Henry Stephens 502 spelt Stevens in will

Rogers, William 30 not in will

Scannell, William 225 spelt William Beanell not Scannell in will

Shanaghan, Matthew 224) the following 3 entries are the same man ie. Matthew

Shannaghan, as Wills 98 and 171 are the same will and are

related to 224

Shannahan, Matthew 171) see above

Shannechan, Matthew 98) see above

Shudnall, Francis 71, 72 spelt Shudall in will 71 and Shadall in will 72

Skerrern, Ann 16 spelt Skellern in will

Skerritt, Margaret 115 spelt Skerrit in will

Skerritt, Anthony 260 spelt Skerrit in will

Smith, Raph 234 spelt Ralph in will

Stapleton, Bryan 201 spelt Bryn in will

Stondereds, Moses 36 spelt Stonderds in will

Stopford, Cornet Joseph 149 not in Index

Strange, Anne 198 spelt Ann in will

Taafe, John 184 spelt Tasfe in will

Taylor, Anne 55 spelt Ann in will

Taylor, James 123 not in will

Thefford, Mary 154 spelt Thetford in will

Tooley, Mary 164 spelt Toole in will

Tracey, John 66 spelt Tracy in will

Tulley, Matthew 26 spelt Tully in will

Vernage, Michael Louis 200 spelt Michel in will

Vickers, Jer. 59 spelt Jeremiah in will

Wale, Edmund 161 spelt Edmond in will

Walker, Bath 149 spelt Bartholomew in will

Walsh, Catherin 100 spelt Catherine in will

Walsh, Katherine 19 spelt Katherin in will

Ward, Martha 180 spelt Marthe in will

Ward, Phillip 249 not in will

Wash, Jacob 10 spelt Walsh in will

Whetenahll, Thomas 197 spelt Whetenhall in will

Wilson, Samuel 33 not in will