"The Testamentary Records of the Butler Families in Ireland" edited by The Rev. Wallace Clare was printed privately in Peterborough in 1932 in a limited edition of 105 copies. It reached a wider audience when it was reprinted by the Society in America in the late 1970’s thanks to an anonymous benefactor. The book lists 531 abstracts of wills researched by Father Clare and Theobald Blake Butler in the early years of the twentieth century. The destruction of so many original Irish records in the turmoil of the 1920’s must have prompted the initial publication. Over the years, it has proved to be an extremely valuable resource for genealogists of Irish Butler families.


In 2004, Barbara Butler transcribed this material onto computer. She has kindly made her work available to other members of the Butler Society, solely for use in their personal not-for-profit research, on the Society’s website (www.butler-soc.org ). The 531 abstracts were then converted into a searchable datafile which can be accessed below. No warranty is given as to the accuracy of any of the data but the Datafile has been updated with amendments (in italics) which are given in good faith and believed to be correct but which are not guaranteed. These amendments are listed in full in the corrigenda. As in the book, the Wills are numbered from 1 to 530. References are given as BTR followed by the three-digit number of the Will. The book is divided into four main sections and the first section, "Diocesan Wills" is subdivided by diocese:-


I Abstracts from Diocesan Wills down to 1800

Cashel & Emly Wills BTR001-BTR029

Cloyne Wills BTR030-BTR031

Cork & Ross Wills BTR032-BTR037

Derry Wills BTR038-BTR039

Dublin Wills BTR040-BTR067

Ferns Wills BTR068-BTR074

Killaloe & Kilfenora BTR075-BTR077

Leighlin Wills BTR078-BTR091

Limerick Wills BTR092-BTR095

Ossory Wills BTR096-BTR111

Tuam Wills BTR112-BTR115

Waterford & Lismore BTR116-BTR144

II Ormonde Wills BTR145-BTR146

III Prerogative Wills BTR147-BTR311

IV Administrations BTR312-BTR530

The book contained an index of persons but no index of places. The index contained errors, a number of which have been identified by Barbara Butler. Researchers who regularly use the BTR book may wish to download this list of errors in the printed index. By using the search engine provided in this Datafile, many of the inadequacies of the original index can be overcome, but researchers should bear in mind that many names can be, and are, spelt inconsistently. It should also be remembered that the Archer Butlers and the O’Brien Butlers are separate families.

WARNING & DISCLAIMER - (1) These extracts have been transcribed from an original publication which may itself have contained inaccuracies. The datafile may contain errors and omissions from the original publication, or from transcription, or from the amendments listed in the corrigenda. The data is given in good faith, but neither the Butler Society nor any of the people who have contributed to this project warrant that the data is correct. Wherever possible, to ensure accuracy, the original wills should be always be consulted. (2) This Datafile is provided solely for the use of members of the Butler Society for their personal, not-for-profit research. (3) All searches may be logged.

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Corrigenda (A list of the amendments, already incorporated in the datafiles in italics)

Barbara Butler's List of Errors in the printed index